Stress during pregnancy can have serious repercussions on the “yet to be born baby”. There are some ways to reduce stress during pregnancy.

  • Rest – most important

Focus on yourself and yet to be born. Take proper sleep

We recommend singing, listening to music or sacred chants from about 23 weeks onwards unborn child actually hears you!

  • Eat healthy

Consult your doctor when and what to eat omega 3 fatty acids present in fish and sea food reduce depression one should take accurate amount proteins in form of pulses, sprouts, Kala chana, eggs etc. water intake should be around 2-3 liters seasonal fruits can be taken but avoid juices.

  • Exercise daily

It is perfectly safe to exercise during pregnancy brisk walking, low impact aerobics which are certified by aerobic instructor are safe

  • Consult

Consult the best gynecologist in Delhi if you have any query or facing any stress. Don’t hide things or feel scared to ask questions

  • Preparing for child birth

One should not be scared of normal labour or should take stress of how labour will occur. You must ask your doctor and read more about what happens and read more about what happen during labour. If any query in your during your mind you should definitely consult your doctor.

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