Pregnancy is a wonderful phase that needs to be cherished with a positive attitude. As the mother is nutrition is the first intimate contact between the mother and the little one… give your best.

If you are worried about what to eat during pregnancy you can make your own diet plan 

Follow Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Eat a small balanced meal every 3-4 hours with a light snack in between 
  2. Pregnant women only need 300 calories and additional 15-20 gram of protein daily 
  3. Keep well hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water 
  4. Avoid snacking on junk food, biscuits & namkeens. These will add unnecessary weight 
  5. Diet has to have proteins, carbohydrates or grains daily and seasonal fruits and vegetables

Proteins – are required healthy growth of fetus & building blocks for blood tissues 

Sources – pulses or lentils, cheese, milk, sprouts, eggs, meat (Non-veg optional) nuts.

Carbohydrates or grains 

Sources – multigrain chapattis, wheat bread, brown bread, oats 

Dairy – Provides calcium for baby’s bones

Sources – milk, curd, paneer 

Fruit & Vegetable 

Colorful season fruits and vegetables provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 3-4 serving of food required per day. These vitamins and minerals are also required to prevent defects of the abnormalities in the fetus.

Iron is required 

Source – green leafy vegetables and jaggery 

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