Top Symptoms & Signs of Parkinson’s Disease!

A neurodegenerative disorder on the Central Nervous System (CNS) that directly affects the movements manifesting with tremors and rigidity and slowness of activities of daily living. Usually, the nerve cell damage can cause the dopamine levels to drop leading to the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

According to the leading neurologist in South Delhi, Parkinson’s symptoms can differ from person to person. Sometimes, early signs can go mild and unnoticed. And on the other hand, symptoms can often begin on the one side. And get much worse while also spreading on the other side.

Today, let us lookout for some evident symptoms of Parkinson’s disease listed by the best neurologist in Delhi for gaining an insight into the subject. They are as follows:

  • Tremor

A tremor basically begins in the limb, often your hands or fingers may shake back and forth. This is known as a pill-rolling tremor. Your hand may also tremor when it is at rest.

  • Slowed Movement

Gradually, Parkinson’s disease will slow your movement which will make simple tasks way too difficult for you. This will also lead to much more time consumption Your steps might also start becoming shorter when you are walking. Eventually, it will become difficult for you to get out of the chair. The worst-hit is where you will have to drag your feet as you start walking. This condition of slowed movement is also known as bradykinesia.

  • Rigid Muscles

According to the best neurologist in Delhi, muscle stiffness will occur in various parts of your body. These stiff and rigid muscles can be painful and hence will limit your range and rate of motion.

Many patients with rigidity might present to orthopaedic surgeon instead with a frozen shoulder .

  • Impaired Posture & Balance

As a result of Parkinson’s disease, your posture might eventually stoop and will also deal with balance problems.

Freezing of movements

The movements while walking might get restricted and patient usually get jammed while in their range of motion.

  • Speech Changes

Your may start speaking softly, quickly, slur, or even hesitate. Rather than having the usual inflections, your speech might turn monotone.

  • Writing Changes

As time passes, your writing may start to appear small. And also, hard to write.

So, are there any risk factors that can contribute to the chances of Parkinson’s disease?

Yes, definitely, some of the well-known risk factors of Parkinson’s disease according to the leading neurologist in South Delhi are as follows:

  • Age

As per the research conducted, Parkinson’s disease rarely affects young adults. It usually begins in the middle or late life. And this risk increases with the age concerned. Though the considerable age group for Parkinson’s disease start developing from the age of 60 or older.

  • Sex

As per the studies, men are more prone to suffer from Parkinson’s disease than women. And this stands perhaps true while considering every region of the globe.

  • Heredity

Having a close-knit family member who has dealt with Parkinson’s disease is one of the risk factors to note. The chances of developing this disease multiply if you have numerous close relatives dealing with the same disease.

  • Exposure to Toxins

Exposure to toxins like herbicides and pesticides may result inmajor risk factors for certain types of people.

If you find yourself in tension regarding any of the symptoms, just search neurologist near me and get the credible details.

There are various medications that you will be introduced during the treatments. This will surely help you cope in this critical situation. They are as follows:

  • Dopamine Promoter
  • Cognition-enhancing Medication
  • Anti-Tremor
  • Anti-Depressant

Don’t lose hope and consult the leading neurologist to explore more on the same. Because

“Always remember your life matters now with Parkinson’s as much as it did before Parkinson’s. Stay hopeful as you navigate adversity, stay you in spite of your Parkinson’s.”

– Frank C. Church

Stay Happy & Healthy!

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