Busting Top Common Myths on Abortion!

Misinformation can spread like a wildfire that becomes hard to take control of. Similarly, is the case of myths when it comes to abortion. There is numerous conflicting information made available on the internet itself.

Today, let us look at some of the myths associated with abortion to identify its accuracy as per the guidance from the best gynaecologist in Delhi.

Understanding the accuracy is important as there are various obstacles often faced for getting an abortion. And myths contribute to the cause to a great extent. So, debunking becomes essential.

  • Abortion leads to infertility.

There is no evident link in terms of abortion and infertility in any research concerned. Generally, every surgery beholds a risk, but there is no direct link between abortion and infertility at all. If you approach the best gynaecologist clinic in Delhi, you will have a safe and harmless abortion.

  • Abortion leads to breast cancer.

The next threat that is usually associated with is the emergence of breast cancer after getting an abortion. As per the Breast Health Channel reports, breast cancer is occurred due to various other factors which duly doesn’t include abortion. In fact, the procedure of abortion is considered to be 10 times safer in the developed countries.

  • Abortion can cause mental health problems.

An abortion procedure for women could be stressful at times similar to what the pregnancy stands for. Though there are no severe psychological issues that have been recorded so far due to abortion until its ‘forced’. In fact, the global survey confirms the fact that women cope well after abortion.

  • Women who go for abortion don’t value motherhood.

When a woman searches for the best ‘female gynaecologist near me’, there is a lot of thoughts that go around. Among which are the taunts that follow regarding motherhood. Rather, one needs to identify the fact that the woman truly understands the responsibility of being a mother. And decides abortion due to the lack of resources to look after. A better initiative, right?

  • Dangerous to your health!

According to the best gynaecologist in Delhi, early abortion is all the more; safer for the woman involved and doesn’t carry any risks. Only 0.5% of abortion carries complications, if not done under professional supervision. Most health-related myths in association with abortion are unsubstantial, according to the scientific data.

  • Killing an unborn child is wrong!

To be more specific, the fetus is not at all an actual being. The fetus as per the medical practitioners is not viable (it cannot survive alone outside the womb). And terming abortion as murder or killing is inaccurate and equates to an embryo. This embryo hasn’t become an actual person yet and just beholds the potential. While on the other hand, you are taking away the autonomy of a woman who knows what’s best for her body, life, and even family. Considering abortion as morally wrong cannot be argued with medical and scientific evidence.

India provides abortion facilities under law. And any woman residing in and out of this country has the right to undertake her right to abortion, Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

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