Detecting Breast Cancer Signs Besides the Visible Lump!

– Are you looking for an effective method that can help us trace the presence of breast cancer as early as possible? Then this blog is especially for you!

As the threat of breast cancer keeps increasing day by day. Every woman at some point in time faces the tension and fear of breast cancer. In such a case, being aware of the symptoms of the same is enough to overlook the threat.

It is significant to consider that the early symptoms are more felt than it is visible. According to the best gynaecologist in Delhi, understanding the symptoms before it goes out of hand is vital. So, today, in this blog, let us explore other evident signs apart from the visible lump.

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Usually, the occurrence of a change in size and shape is evidently common. This is considered to occur before menstruation strikes each month. Either you witness swelling breasts or you might feel breast pain. This is an evident sign that cannot be overlooked at all.


If you face any form of nipple discharge then it is surely a concern. You can expect a bloody discharge, watery discharge, and also milky discharge. This symptom definitely needs a complete evaluation.


According to the doctors from the best gynaecologist clinic in Delhi, it is vital to choose the pulling in of the nipple. Even though a flat or inverted nipple is considered to be a normal phenomenon, you can differentiate it with the direction in which it is standing. If it is inwards rather than outwards, you need to consult the doctor for sure.


Redness or flaky skin is considered to be Paget’s disease. This is known to be the first sign of breast cancer around the nipples. Flaky skin could be a reason for other diseases as well. But the need to identify if it is in respect to breast cancer is important.


If you notice puckering around your skin, then consulting the best gynaecologist in South Ex is a good idea.

So, now let us look at other popular questions you might want to know about.

  • What is another way to detect the presence of breast cancer early?

A mammogram is an essential method to consider when you want to take the benefit of doubt. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast area that is conducted by medical professionals.

  • When can someone start screening for breast cancer?

Generally, according to the female gynaecologist in South Ex, 40-49 years is the best time to begin screening yearly or at least once in two years. The age range of 50-74 needs mammogram testing at regular intervals as a precaution to worse conditions. And lastly, women of the age group 75 and more should continue the screening as long as the life expectancy; for more than a decade.

  • What is the efficacy of self-breast examination?

In reference to the early detection of breast cancer, studies haven’t proven the efficacy of self-examination. Though being familiar with your own body gives you the privilege to identify any changes or small growth or lump effectively. According to the gynaecologist in South Delhi, the self-breast examination is the best option to take note of every month. Though never consider it as a substitute for screening.

Identifying the actual causes can be difficult, yet monitoring the changes stands beneficial for the long run.

If you wish to know more in-depth about the symptoms and signs of breast cancer, consult us soon!

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