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People tend to suffer from several myths that surround general physicians, their services and consultation procedures. The lack of knowledge and self-awareness makes people avoid visiting general physicians and resort to self-health care practices that may or may not prove effective. In this blog post, I am going to clear the air that surrounds general physician services and pop up myths which you might be wondering about.

Let’s begin:

What does a general physician do?

A general physician is a doctor who provides specialized care and treatment for non-surgical illnesses. He looks after the overall health and general well being of his patients. He is concerned with providing care and guidance for acute and chronic ailments. He conducts physical examination tests and also writes prescriptions accordingly. Some general physicians even provide post-treatment care and guidance to their patients.

What to ask a general physician?

Most of you may hesitate in discussing your illness and symptoms with your doctor. But you should ask about the causes of your illness, precautions you need to take, and foodstuff you need to avoid. You should even discuss your current ailments and the prescriptions that you are currently taking. Your daily life routine should also be openly discussed with your physician. This helps your physician to frame a better understanding and diagnosis of your illness and thereby suggest a proper line of treatment and write prescriptions accordingly.

What kind of tests and treatments does a general physician suggest?

As already mentioned a general physician provides care for non-surgical ailments, he may prescribe tests depending on your illness. These can be blood tests, urine tests, X-rays, ultra-sound and in a few rare cases CT scans, and MRIs. But in most cases, you don’t have to undergo any such tests, just a physical examination for determining your condition.

What does a general health check-up consist of?

It is best to schedule your appointment for a general health check-up with your family physician. Your family doctor is well versed in your family history, your current ailments as well as your body type. This helps him to develop a proper line of treatment for your illness and also gives you proper guidance. For instance, if you are suffering from diabetes and are currently diagnosed with liver dysfunction, he will prescribe you medications accordingly.

How often should I visit a general physician?

There is a common myth that surrounds visiting a General physician. Most people prefer visiting the general physician only when they are suffering from some kind of illness or ailment but it is advisable to visit your general physician on a routine basis either once a month or at least after every three months. You should schedule a regular appointment with your general physician. This way you can keep a better track of your overall health and fitness. You can visit us since we are a high ranking general physician clinic in Delhi.

What kind of diseases are treated by a general physician?

General physicians provide complete treatment for mild ailments like fever, cold, cough, nausea, digestion problems, diabetes, typhoid, jaundice, malaria, hypertension, kidney disorders, asthma, lung disorders, liver infection, food poisoning etc. It is only in some rare and severe cases that general physicians need to seek advice from specialists. And in a few other cases, they may refer you to a specialist or surgeon if needed.

How to schedule an appointment?

Most of the patients take scheduling an appointment with a general physician very lightly and visit clinics without a prior appointment. Hence, it is best advised to schedule a prior appointment with your physician either on the telephone or online. This saves you from the last minute hassle and you don’t have to wait in the queue for long hours. Schedule your appointment with us now by searching for the top general physician in Delhi.

Do general physicians offer post-treatment guidance?

Yes, these days most general physicians offer post-treatment guidance as well as post-treatment care. The role of the general physician these days is not restricted to providing treatment and care for your concerning illness or disease but rather providing post-treatment guidance and post-treatment care for your illness. This helps to keep a check on your recovery rate and prevents further occurrence of your illness. For effective post-treatment care services, you can visit us since our team comprises the best general physician in Delhi.

How to look for a reliable general physician? It is advisable to look for a General physician who has an excellent record of providing immediate care and effective treatment for illness. You can seek suggestions and feedback about the general physician. You should check his services and capabilities, his knowledge and qualifications. Hence, this will help you to find a reliable general practitioner. Our clinic, Salubritas, is ranked as the best general physician clinic in Delhi.

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