Busting Myths on IVF

Before we proceed with busting myths and misconceptions about the IVF technique, let us understand what IVF is?

What is IVF?

The in vitro fertilization technique is one of the most popular techniques used for helping couples with infertility problems to conceive. In this technique, the female eggs are extracted from the body and then fertilized by the sperm in a laboratory. Once fertilized, these are then safely implanted into the uterus. However, the chances of having a healthy baby may depend on other factors like your age, health conditions and so on.

Now, let’s do some myth-busting,

Myth # 1

IVF is an expensive technique


This is one of the most common of all the myths that prevail about IVF. Most of you may hesitate to even think about getting IVF treatment done. Probably, because you find it expensive and not affordable. We agree that IVF may be a bit expensive technique because of the laboratory procedure and other advanced steps involved, but it is one of the safest and less expensive techniques when compared to other surgical procedures.

Myth # 2

IVF results in Multiple Pregnancy


This is another popular misconception about IVF Technique. A report by Female Gynaecologist near meclaims that No doubt, previously IVF resulted in multiple pregnancies because the surgeons increased the fertility chances used to place more than one egg to be fertilized by sperm. But with the advancement in the technique and IVF procedure, now only one single egg is kept for fertilization, thereby leaving no scope for multiple pregnancies or births.

Myth # 3

IVF is meant only for the infertile couples


As per the best gynaecologist in Delhi, This is not true about IVF. If your partner has other genetic disorders and you don’t want to transfer them to your baby, then IVF is the safest option you could consider. It can only be used by couples of the same sex, who want to conceive.

Myth # 4

IVF can be done at any age


This is completely false about the IVF procedure. IVF is successful only in the fertile years of a couple’s life. Hence, should be attempted only if the couple is physically fit and fertile. Because for IVF to be successful both the male and female must be producing healthy eggs and sperms that are capable of reproducing.

Myth # 5

IVF is a painful procedure


A Gynaecologist clinic in Delhi, says that IVF is a safe and painless procedure. The egg collection is done only by injecting anaesthesia or to make the patient’s body numb. Similarly, the fertilized embryo is placed after injecting anaesthesia so that the patient experiences no pain. The injections that are injected for a week or more can cause a little inconvenience, but don’t cause much pain.

Myth # 6

IVF results in earlier menopause


It is a myth that IVF causes early menopause, because you may think that it removes eggs from the body artificially. According to the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi, IVF does not result in menopause because it does not remove all the eggs disrupting future cycles.

Myth # 7

IVF is not effective for obese people


It is true to some extent that IVF reduces the egg count in females, but there is also no denying the fact that obese women do not have a chance to get pregnant. Since the eggs are fertilized outside the body, women who are obese can still get pregnant, provided that they are physically fit and healthy.

Myth # 8

You need complete bed rest for a successful IVF


IVF requires as much bed rest as is needed in case of a normal pregnancy. Women need bed rest only for a couple of days, during the ovum pick and first phase of the procedure. They can carry on with their routine chores and perform other activities of their normal routine throughout the pregnancy. However, it is best to follow some precautionary care.

Myth # 9

IVF babies are different from the babies conceived naturally

This is completely false, as IVF babies are as healthy as the babies that are naturally conceived.

What to Consider when opting for IVF?

There are certain things you need to pay attention to before opting for an IVF technique:


Couples need to be comfortable before heading towards an IVF procedure. Hence, they should extensively research the entire process and not opt for an IVF treatment until they are sure about the technique.

Fitness Matters

For a successful IVF procedure to take place, the health and fitness of the couple is everything. It is best to reduce weight if you are obese before heading for an IVF conception. At the same time if you or your partner is suffering from any long term illness or serious health conditions like diabetes, kidney or liver disorder, asthma etc. it is best to consult your doctor about it.

Get Emotional Support

Not only the couple needs to be physically or medically fit, but emotional or mental well being is equally important. Make sure you or your partner are emotionally prepared and are not suffering from any kind of financial crisis or mental trauma. Try to get emotional support from your loved ones and look optimistically towards the procedure.

Hence, only after considering these factors, should you head for an IVF technique.

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