5 Effective Tips to deal with Constipation naturally

In the opinion of a Top General Physician in Delhi, with unhealthy lifestyle changes becoming a routine part of our lives, health problems especially digestive problems are becoming a common occurrence. When we talk about digestive problems the most common problem which is increasing by an alarming rate is constipation.  Yes, constipation has now emerged as a global health concern due to unhealthy lifestyle changes and particularly poor eating habits.

Constipation is a major health concern but is often underestimated by people. Rather than dealing with the root cause of the problem, people prefer consuming medications for treating Constipation. But such types of medications can only provide temporary relief to the problem or are effective till the time they are being consumed. The moment you stop consuming medications that can also have some major side effects on your health, the problem reoccurs. Hence, as per the best General Physician in Delhi, it is important to deal with the root cause of constipation that is bringing change in the eating habits as well as in the lifestyle.

Let us know share some secret tips that can help you to get rid of constipation naturally as well as permanently:

Indulge in mindful eating

The first step to getting relief from constipation is to start eating healthy. Foods that are high in unhealthy carbohydrates, fats, and refined sugar can lead to unnecessary weight gain or obesity which is the root cause of constipation and other digestive concerns. Hence, to get rid of constipation it is of utmost importance that you consume foods that are high in fibre content, protein and water content. Some of these foods include fresh fruits, leafy greens, oats, detox drinks and herbal teas. Such foods aid in easy digestion and prevent weight gain thereby promoting easy bowel movement and thus relieving constipation.

Exercise regularly

After healthy eating, the next crucial step that is mandatory to get rid of constipation is a regular workout. It is only by performing a regular exercise that you can boost your metabolic rate and increase your bowel movement, thereby relieving constipation.  When you exercise or indulge yourself in some form of physical activity on a routine basis, you do not only get rid of obesity but your body hormones are more balanced and thus you can keep constipation at bay.

Increase your water intake

According to the Top general physician in Delhi, a person on average should drink about 3-4 litres of water per day. Dehydration is the root cause of constipation. To maintain a healthy weight and get relief from constipation you should increase your water intake as this can help to fasten up your metabolic activity.

Cut down on the Intoxicants

Intoxicants such as alcohol, and smoking are other major triggers of constipation. These can mess up with your body hormones and lead to weight gain or slow down your metabolism activity thus leading to constipation and other digestive concerns. It is best advised by the Best general physician in South Ex to avoid them or at least limit their intake.

Organise your sleep schedule

As per the best General Physician in South Delhi, Constipation not only occurs due to unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise or obesity but also due to an unorganised sleep schedule. An unorganised or improper sleep schedule can disrupt body hormones, slow down metabolic activity and thus result in constipation. To get rid of constipation along with the other essential lifestyle changes you must organise your sleep schedule properly and sleep for about 7-8 hours a day.

Things to remember:

Before we bid you goodbye, let us share the major tips in a summarised version so that you never forget them:

  • Consuming more fibre rich foods
  • Working out daily
  • Increasing water consumption
  • Organising a sleep schedule
  • Consulting a physician
  • Cutting down on glucose-rich foods or intoxicants

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