Be it the hottest months of May or June when the temperature surges near to boiling point or the rainy weather or coldest months of January or February, staying hydrated is extremely important. As per the top general physician in Delhi, maintaining significant hydration levels is very crucial to staying healthy. Lack of hydration can cause serious health concerns like dehydration, fatigue, muscle soreness, cramps, joint pains, low blood pressure, constipation etc.

The top general physician in Delhi recommends drinking at least 2 litres of water each day to meet the hydration requirements. He also suggests the following 7 foods to maintain a significant level of hydration in the body:


  • Watermelon


Watermelon is one of the best summer fruits to stay hydrated and refreshed for a long. The best general physician in Delhi suggests that watermelon has an excellent water content of about 92 % which supplies the much-needed hydration and energy to the body. Watermelon is not only an excellent source of water content but the best source of dietary fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and magnesium. Being high in its nutritional value, watermelon helps one to stay healthy even during scorching temperatures.  Watermelon is loaded with antioxidants which prevent cell and tissue damage. Besides, watermelon has very few calories, so it is an excellent choice for weight management.


  • Cucumber


Cucumber is not only the powerhouse of health-boosting nutrients but comprises an excellent water content, about 95%. According to the best general physician in Delhi, these are the most nutritious and hydrating foods which you must necessarily include in your daily diet, especially during summers. Being loaded with high amounts of dietary fibre cucumbers is a boon if you intend to shed those extra kilos. Cucumbers are also known to cure digestive problems like constipation, acid reflux and so on.


  • Lettuce


Ever thought, why do most dieticians suggest adding lettuce leaves to your meals? This is because lettuce is too an excellent source of water content, 96%. Lettuce has good amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin K which are well known to boost immunity.  Lettuce also provides daily requirements of folate, which is very essential for pregnant females. One of the best things about lettuce is that it is versatile and can be easily enjoyed with a variety of meals which include sandwiches, buns, salads and wraps. But one of the healthiest ways to consume lettuce is by consuming it in the form of salad.


  • Zucchini


As per the best physician in Delhi, Zucchini, though popularly used in Italian recipes, is an excellent source of hydration. Zucchini comprises about 90% of water and is loaded with protein, fibre, and Vitamin C which can help you in building a stronger immune system. Like lettuce, zucchini can also be easily incorporated into your diet. You can enjoy it with salads, soups, broths and a variety of other cuisines.


  • Celery


Celery again is an extremely nutritious and healthy food to include in your diet. Celery has an amazing water composition of 95%. It is extremely low in calories and aids in weight loss. Most dieticians recommend adding celery to the diet, in some way or the other as it promotes weight loss and also fulfils the daily dose of nutritional requirements. Celery can be eaten both raw and in a cooked state.


  • Tomatoes


Tomatoes are not just delicious and juicy but extremely hydrating. You must have heard how tomatoes can help in fulfilling the vitamin C requirements, but rarely you may know that tomatoes comprise about 94% of water content along with a good amount of dietary fibre. Tomatoes are the easiest to incorporate into meals. From enjoying them as salads to adding them to soups, broths and recipes, tomatoes are extremely nutritious. Furthermore, The best physician in Delhi shares that tomatoes are packed with antioxidants like lycopene which prevents cellular damage to a significant extent.


  • Bell peppers


You must have read or heard how healthy and nutritious bell peppers are but might not be aware that bell peppers have a significant amount of water, about 92%, which is the ability to provide a good level of hydration to your body. Bell peppers are loaded with fibre, B vitamins and minerals which help to keep up with the body’s nutritional needs. Owing to their high nutritional and fibre content, the best physician in Delhi suggests adding bell pepper to your meals. These can be best enjoyed in salads, soups and broths.

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