What is Stillbirth?

A stillbirth is defined as the loss or death of a baby post 20 weeks of pregnancy. Stillbirth mostly occurs before and rarely during delivery. It differs from a miscarriage in the way that miscarriage occurs before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Despite the advancements in medical science and pregnancy awareness stillbirth is still very common. Though there are several aspects which can lead to stillbirth there are certain unexplored or undiscovered aspects of stillbirth which are yet to be discovered. Even medical research fails to undermine the accurate reasons or causes of stillbirth. But as per the best gynaecologist in South Delhi below-mentioned a

re a few causes of stillbirth:

Causes of Stillbirth

Complications during pregnancy

Pregnancy complications are more likely to increase the chances of stillbirth among newborns. As popular research adds the best gynaecologist in South Delhi, pregnancy complications like preterm labour, pregnancy with twins or triplets, placental abruption, heavy bleeding etc. can increase the chances of stillbirth.

Placental problems

Problems associated with the placenta are the major causes of stillbirth. These mostly include insufficient oxygen supply, improper placement of the placenta, etc. Stillbirths which occur as a result of placental problems usually take place after 24 weeks of gestation.


According to the leading gynaecologist in South Delhi infections are also a major contributor to stillbirth. Any kind of infection that happens either to the mother or the baby in the womb can increase the chances of stillbirth mostly before 24 weeks of the gestation period.

Problems with umbilical cord

According to the medical survey, umbilical concerns resulted in every 1 out of 10 stillbirth cases. The umbilical cord at times can be mispositioned and restrict the oxygen or blood supply to the baby. Lack or insufficient supply of nutrients can lead to serious problems.

High blood pressure concerns

High blood pressure during pregnancy can occur due to several factors such as obesity, or lack of physical activity. High blood pressure or preeclampsia can lead to stillbirths. According to the best gynaecologist in South Ex, Stillbirths which result from high bp mostly occur at the onset of the third trimester.

Genetic defects

Genetic defects in the baby can also possibly lead to stillbirth.

Symptoms of stillbirth

Though the symptoms and signs of stillbirth might differ for every patient, here are a few very common signs as listed by the best gynaecologist in South Ex:

  • No movement or sensation of baby or feeling of kicks.
  • Spotting or Bleeding.
  • The heartbeat of the baby can not be felt when tested with Doppler or Stethoscope.

Since the symptoms or signs of stillbirth are different, it is best to consult with a good Gynaecologist in South Delhi.

How to deal with stillbirth?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but stillbirth is no less than a nightmare to the fairytale journey of pregnancy. Stillbirth can be emotionally challenging to deal with and can cause havoc to the physical as well as mental well-being of the family. The best gynaecologist in South ex explains the following measures which can be adapted to deal with an emotionally draining situation such as stillbirth:

  • Seeking emotional support from a counsellor or a therapist.
  • Planning out a vacation.
  • Trying out new hobbies.
  • Socialising and travelling.
  • Staying busy or engaged in activities or chores to keep the mind distracted.
  • Sharing your feelings with your partner or loved ones.
  • Try meditation or yoga or any relaxing exercises of like.
  • Seeking help from a medical or healthcare practitioner.

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