Periods are all about pulling over your snuggly warm blanket, wrapping yourself up and laying all day in bed, experiencing weird food cravings and entertaining mood swings. But are periods as comfortable as it sounds? If you ask us we would say “No”. Periods are also about extreme menstrual cramps, body weakness, and low self-esteem. The best gynaecologist in Delhi, shares in one of her news articles that periods can be effectively managed if you replace your healthy junk foodstuff with healthy nutritious meals.

We understand your weird food cravings, especially during that time of the month, but consuming such kinds of foodstuffs which are loaded with refined sugar, unhealthy carbohydrates and fatty acids can mess up the hormones and lead to serious health concerns. According to the best Gynaecologist in South Delhiconsuming any kind of snacks or your favourite munchies during the menstrual cycle is completely ok, only if consumed in moderate amounts but anything consumed in excess can be hazardous for your health. It can even worsen your menstrual cramps and rather than giving you any relief, it can make those days worse for you. But no longer, as we are here to spread awareness about the same.

We are going to spill the beans over the top five foodstuffs which you should strictly give up during your menstrual cycle to reduce pain or inflammation.

  • Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages are nothing but empty calories. No doubt, these may give your throat some kind of cooling or a feeling of refreshment for a while, but these are loaded with refined sugar in excessive amounts which can mess up with your body hormones and interfere with your blood flow during periods.

  • Bakery

Dear girls! We understand that there is no better time in the month than a period to munch over your favourite desserts, pastries and frostings. But the reality is that these are loaded with high amounts of refined sugar and healthy carbohydrates, and fatty acids which can intensify your menstrual pain to extreme levels. As per the best gynaecologist in Delhi, Consuming sugar in excessive amounts can lead to instant energy spikes and then an instant crash. This can interfere with your mood and can worsen your mood swings. Consuming sugar in moderate amounts You can rather replace them with whole grain and home-cooked meals, that can offer you some sort of comfort as well as contentment to your hunger cravings.

  • Packed or processed foodstuff

The leading gynaecologist in South Delhisays that packaged foodstuffs such as chips, chocolates and confectionery is again a big NO, especially during your periods. Such foods can provide instant energy or blood sugar spikes, thereby interfering with your hormones as well as your digestive system. You can replace such unhealthy food with healthy home-cooked meals or fresh fruits and vegetables, which can give you some kind of nutrition and energy for your body. 

  • High sodium foods

Foods that are loaded with excessive sodium or salt should also be strictly avoided, as higher amounts of sodium or salt intake will reduce the water retention in body. Hence, the best  gynaecologist in South Delhiadvises keeping a check on salt intake during periods.

  • Alcohol

Your club parties can wait but not your periods. Hence, it is best to give up on the alcohol during your menstrual cycle as it can result in dehydration and lead to severe migraine problems and digestive problems, thereby worsening your period cramps.

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