According to the leading Gynaecologist in Delhi, Vagina is the most important and yet most ignored organ of the female anatomy. Maintaining good vaginal health should be your utmost priority, especially during the summer season. Ignoring your vaginal health can have serious implications on your vaginal health and lead to several major concerns. Despite how important it is to maintain good vaginal health, females generally tend to ignore it. Probably due to lack of awareness. To spread awareness on the same, here are a few effective tips that can help you to maintain good vaginal health.

Wanna know what these tips are? Read out the below mentioned points carefully:

  • Keep a track of your overall health

It is of utmost importance to keep a track of your overall health. As per the best Gynaecology Clinic in Delhi, your overall body health including your eating habits, exercise regimen and sleep schedule can influence your vaginal health to a significant extent.  In case you are into poor eating habits and bingeing on junk and processed food items majorly then it is extremely important to switch to a much healthier eating regimen for maintaining good vaginal health. Eating excessive or high amounts of refined sugar can increase the blood sugar levels of your body which can put you at the risk of catching fungal or bacterial infections.

  • Maintain an excellent personal hygiene

Personal hygiene habits which include regular cleaning of your vagina, hair removal, changing the undergarments regularly should be strictly followed. You can even use a personal hygiene wash for cleaning your genitals at least thrice a week. In case you have excessive vaginal discharge then you must change your undergarments at least once a day. Ignoring these personal hygiene habits can cost you a loss of your hygiene health and you can become more prone to catching fungal or yeast infections.

  • Personal hygiene during periods

Not only is it important to maintain personal hygiene on a routine basis, but it is equally essential and in fact, more crucial to maintain personal hygiene during the menstrual cycle. This can be done by frequently changing sanitary napkins or tampons and wearing fresh undergarments daily. The best gynaecologist in Delhi advises that you should wash your vagina with water at least twice a day and use an intimate wash at least once a day. Constant bleeding and discharge during periods can make your vagina prone to catching fungal infections and hence by keeping it clean you can prevent the risk.

  • Use contraceptives

Unsafe or unprotected sex can lead to the transfer of bacteria and is one of the major and growing causes of STDs. To prevent the spread of STDs as well as from catching any major illness or infection, it is important to practice safe sex by using condoms. You should wash your genitals each time you have intercourse with or without a condom.

  • Use the right intimate wash

The market is flooded with a plethora of intimate washes that claim to be the most natural, ph balanced, chemical-free and gentle products. But your intimate wash might not be how it claims to be. It can consist of certain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause vaginal infections. Hence, it is important to buy an intimate wash that is recommended by your gynaecologist to avoid the risk of catching skin infections in your vaginal area.

  • Never use soap to clean

Most of the bathing bars consist of harsh chemicals that can disrupt your vagina’s Ph balance and cause skin irritation. Hence, instead of cleaning your genitals with a bar, you can use an intimate wash that is as per your vagina’s Ph or either use plain water.

  • Do not ignore these red flags

It is generally seen that women ignore their vaginal health and signs such as skin redness, rashes, or skin papules on or around the vaginal area. You should immediately consult the leading gynaecologist in South Delhi and never ignore such red flags.

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