Periods are considered as the worst enemy of a teenage girl. The physical torture and the emotional roller coaster that every female has to experience every month makes periods even more horrifying. Mood swings, period cramps, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, fever ,not being able to sleep or munch on your favourite foods, periods are never easy to deal with. Though every female has to undergo similar traumatising period symptoms every month the degree and intensity of these symptoms can vary for all depending on the body type and hormonal differences. As a result, some of them might even experience worse symptoms like uncontrollable period cramps and heavy or prolonged bleeding. Even painkillers don’t help in some situations and their overconsumption can have severe implications on one’s health.

To help such females who experience intense period cramps and save them from the side effects of painkillers we are up with a list of some amazing and effective home remedies as suggested by the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi that will help them to get instant relief.

Use a Heating pad or fetch your hot water bottle

Heating pads or hot water bottles are known to provide immediate and instant relief from painful period cramps. According to the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi, there is immense scientific evidence that proves that providing sufficient heat to the uterine muscles can help in easing out the period cramps. When heat is applied over the muscles, it relaxes the uterus muscles by improving blood circulation. It is only the uterine muscles that cause much pain and hence the pain can be relieved by a heat application. So, if you are someone who experiences extremely painful cramps during your menstrual cycle then you know what to do.

Enjoy a Warm Water Bath

A warm water bath is just another remedy to provide heat to the stretched uterus, pelvic and back muscles. A warm water bath or soaking in a warm water tub can help in soothing or relaxing the tensed stretched muscles of the uterus and thus provide relief from the period pain. You can also add some essential herbs or oils including a pinch of Epsom salt to your tub. These ingredients are known to provide immediate relief from the painful period cramps and in soothing the muscles. As per the Best Gynaecologist in South Ex, you should try this remedy of tub soaking for at least 30 minutes to get the best results.

Drink Ginger Water

Hot liquids such as soups, warm detox drinks, herbal teas provide heating to the body and muscles and thus aid in relieving menstrual cramps to a significant extent. Ginger has immense healing properties and provides a soothing effect to calm the menstrual pain. Moreover, herbal teas like cardamom tea, fennel tea, mint or rosemary tea improve the blood flow during the menstrual cycle and thus helps to get rid of painful period cramps.

Massage with Essential Oils

We know you might find it a bit useless but this is a sure shot remedy to get rid of period pain. Essential oils such as tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil have great healing properties and provide a soothing effect. The best way to apply these oils is by mixing them over with a light carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil and then applying it over your abdomen and lower back muscles. This will help to ease out the period pain.

Do some Yoga Poses

Some specific yoga asanas that involve mild stretching exercises are also effective in dealing with period pain. It helps to manage the period cramps and provides instant relief from the cramps. This helps to improve the blood flow and soothes the tensed body muscles, thereby providing good relief. If yoga is not your thing then Walking a few miles on a treadmill can also do the job for you.

Drink Lots of water

We are generally advised to increase our water intake as water provides overall health benefits. Similarly drinking a significant amount of water during the menstrual cycle helps to improve the blood flow and thus helps in removing the toxins from the body in the form of waste. Improving the blood flow helps to provide relief from menstrual cramps. The Best Gynaecologist in South Exadvises drinking warm water for more immediate results.

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